The beauty of the Sperry tents is that you have so much space and height to play with and whilst the Sperry tents are beautiful without embellishment, thoughtful attention to detail and finishing touches will make your event unique to you.


Flowers, lanterns and additional lighting look beautiful hanging in the space, creating a more intimate feel. We hire various key pieces which can be hung in the Sperry, such as our floral hoops and beams. If you have any ideas please just ask and we’ll happily provide advice on how things can be hung or create something bespoke for you.


The entrance to your Sperry is the first and last impression your guests will have of your beautiful bespoke venue. We have lots of ideas and styling to do this, including our festoon or fairy light walkway with shepherd crooks. Line your walkway with the same matting as the tent interior to keep the continuity, or why not create a matted festoon terrace at the entrance to your tent, where guests can enjoy a champagne reception on arrival.


These lights are full colour LED, and will allow you to highlight hedges, trees, walls or the sides of the canvas tents to create that lovely evening ambience.


Reclaimed oak wine barrels create the perfect poseur tables, plinths for flowers or add a rustic charm by displaying your cake on one.

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